Tait Musical Services

Tait Musical Services is comprised of Kirsten Currie Tait and Thomas Tait and is music tutoring company specializing in private lessons for brass instrumentalists, pianists, and vocalists of all ages and abilities. Kirsten Currie Tait provides private lessons for voice and piano students in both her home in Aurora and at St. Pius X Church in Lombard, where she is music director.  She also is available for coaching sessions for musical theatre and choir auditions.

Mr. Tait is available for private instruction in brass instruments, more specifically trumpet, but also trombone and euphonium/baritone. Students can follow a curriculum that strives to achieve advanced competency in both Classical and Jazz genres. In addition, music theory, Jazz improvisation, music desktop publishing using the Sibelius program, and basic recording techniques are available to students with special interests. 

Located in Aurora, Illinois and serving the Chicago-land area for over 25 years, our students have garnered the highest accolades and been accepted into some of the most prestigious performing and educational music institutions in the country.

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If private lessons seem expensive, we invite you to please read this blog post to help better understand what goes into setting rates.

What do students gain from taking private lessons?

  • Inspiration and motivation by enriching their musical experience
  • Individual instruction tailored specifically to their needs
  • Hearing a professional play and talk about their instrument on a regular basis
  • Gaining a stronger understanding of the technical aspects of their instrument
  • Working on exciting solo repertoire
  • Learning how to practice more efficiently and effectively
  • Troubleshooting any specific problems or challenges

My student is in band and technique class, or choir.  Isn’t that enough? 
Band, choir,and technique classes will absolutely give your student a great musical foundation. These are irreplaceable experiences that will build their musical skills, understanding, and appreciation. Private lessons are a completely different experience from band and technique class; they provide the opportunity for your student to work individually with a professional. The progress made by students is astounding when private lessons are added to the school band and technique classes they currently take.

My student doesn’t practice very much now, so why would I spend money on private lessons? 
We have found that students who sign up for private lessons typically want to practice more. Through private lessons, students tend to become more invested in their own music education and develop an even deeper interest in music. When students reach the high school level, they may even fund-raise and apply for scholarships to subsidize lesson costs. The money is a great investment in their education!

When? Where? How can lessons fit into my student’s busy schedule? 
Mr. Tait is afforded the opportunity to teach lessons during the school day and after school at both Waubonsie Valley HS, where he services students from all IPSD 204 schools, and Downers Grove North HS. Students at the high school level have the option of taking lessons during half of their lunch/option period or can be pulled out of band class to accommodate their busy schedule. Elementary and middle school students will need to take private lessons before or after school. Mrs. Currie is available to St. Pius X students before and after school in the church choir loft, as well as in her Aurora home for after-school and Saturday students.

 Please contact a teacher to find-out their specific lesson times and locations.